new build

new build


This blank canvass meant that many garden ideas could be included in this garden.

The client’s brief was to create; more interest, entertaining areas, attract wildlife and to be robust to cope with flying footballs from next door.

As with most new builds, the original patio was too small to cope with anything more than a couple of seats, so we created two useable patios, one to make use of the afternoon sun. And we visually lengthened the garden using curves to break up the space and provide width.

A cedar pergola/walkway was built to provide vertical height and be strong enough to withhold uninvited balls from next-door. And an Amelanchier planted to screen some of the surrounding buildings and provide all-year interest with blossom, berries and great autumn colour.

The surrounding buildings no longer take the eye away as the colourful planting, lighting and wall art keep all eyes drawn to the garden rather than wandering elsewhere.

The garden now gives an impression that the small space looks bigger than it is by the use of Perspective, with the horizontal trellis together with the angle of the curves

To see the garden by night please click here