pebble garden

pebble garden


A pebble garden was the solution for this front garden.

These clients wanted something that was very easy to maintain and had colour and interest all year.

We wanted to give them more than that – we wanted to give them something striking in their front garden to give them the ‘Wow-factor’ whenever they came home.

So a fabulous cloud-pruned Ilex was the chosen feature here, complemented by the beautiful standing stones. Then evergreen shrubs in greens, reds and purples were added with different textures and leaf shapes to create visual interest. With a few grasses and perennials added to echo the colours already used.

The pebbles then finished everything off well, accentuating the plants, complementing the colours of the existing hard landscaping and they will act as a mulch to prevent weeds, so a bonus all round for a low-maintenance solution.

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