What to do/best plants-August

Read here about some of the ten best plants for August. Also what to do in the garden now as well as remembering to water when it’s dry:
1  Raise mower blades and reduce mowing frequency in dry weather
2  Top up water levels in garden ponds if they are getting low
3  Deadhead roses, bedding plants and repeat-flowering perennials to encourage more flowers
4  Keep feeding container plants with high potassium for continued flowering
5  Trim hedges to keep them in shape, but avoid a really sunny day which could scorch the leaves.

Ten plants looking great in in August are:
1 Penstemons flower for months
2 Leucanthemums for big daisies
3 Scabiosa for bees and butterflies
4 Vinca to cover the ground
5 Lavender for scent and bees
6 Myrtle – an evergreen with scent
7 Stachys byzantina for soft silver foliage which is great to stroke and for tall spikes of colour chose:
8 Lupins
9 Veronicastrum
10 Digitalis

See below the full article which also tells you of jobs you could do in the garden now. Or to read about jobs to do in other months or best plants for other months, click here.
Ten best plants for August