What to do/best plants-June

To find out more about the ten best plants for June and all the jobs you can be doing in the garden in June read on:

June 21 is the longest day of the year, and the extra light and warmth encourages the garden to put on an exuberant burst of growth. But this extra light and warmth also means weeds will sprout up from seemingly nowhere. Keep on top of them by hoeing regularly in dry conditions.

Other June Jobs:
– Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered whilst they establish.
– Pinch out the tips of your Fuchsias to encourage a bushy habit and more flowers.
– Plant out Summer bedding for that extra colour
– Stake tall or floppy plants
– Mow lawns at least once or twice a week
– Remember to sit and enjoy your garden

For ten of the best plants for June read more below. Or to read about jobs to do in other months or best plants for other months, click here.
Ten best plants for June