What to do/best plants-July

There are loads of of things to do in the garden now, but some of the top garden jobs for July are:

– Sow salads seeds, plus other veg eg; broccoli and spring cabbage
– Look out for mildew usually a sign that the plant is too dry, so prune effective leaves and water well
– Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering season
– Rejuvenate perennials, by giving some of them a hard chop back eg. Geraniums
– Turn compost heaps to add oxygen
– Trim evergreen hedges to keep them in shape, but avoid a really sunny day which could scorch the leaves, and make sure no nesting birds.

Some plants looking great now are:
– Achilleas in different colours
– Gaura for a ‘froth’ or pink or white
– Penstemons
– Salvia Caradonna

….and to read the article to get the full list, please read below. Or to read about jobs to do in other months or best plants for other months, click here.
Top garden jobs for July