family garden

family garden

Ickenham - Ruislip

Low maintenance gardens are often requested by clients.

This was the same with this client, with their brief also stating:

  • A family with 2 boys
  • The parents are interested in contemporary painting, contemporary design, literature and natural history
  • The garden to be interesting and to change throughout the seasons
  • To provide an element of privacy from the neighbours
  • Must have space for games, a rotary clothes drier, a compost bin and some form of rainwater storage
  • The planting is to include shrubs and some perennials and could include up to 3 small trees. No annual plants, water or a ‘cottage garden’ look
  • To be used for entertaining and outside dining weather permitting
  • To be relatively low maintenance – approximately 2 hours a week

This Garden is still in the planning stage and is yet to be built.