planting only

planting only

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Many clients want to keep the overall design of their garden, but find that the borders are dull and boring, lack colour and often don’t give them all year interest. Garden planting design may be all you need for the garden to look completely different.

In these cases we may just tweak the size or shape of the borders then fill them with interesting plants which fits the client’s brief. This may be to provide a garden with “low maintenance” or “more colour“, “seasonal interest” etc…

We often hide the fences with climbers, which act as a back-drop to shrubs which provide all-year structure to the garden, then perennials and bulbs to provide a succession of colour from January to December if that’s what’s required.

Please look through these Before and After photos to see how making changes to just the garden planting design different sizes and shapes of garden borders have been transformed.

Also, do look at this other garden to see how just a change to a small area in the garden can provide so much more interest to the view from the house.