2014 – Annual seed meadow

Meadows in gardens are definitely popular at the moment. Garden designers are using them in their Chelsea and Hampton Court show gardens and even local Councils using them as an alternative to costly bedding plants on the sides of roads and in parks and gardens.

Therefore I wanted to see how an annual meadow seed mix would work on a small scale in a domestic garden. Look at the link below to see how the meadow progresses throughout the year, starting in March where lawn was removed, soil dug over and what seemed like a tiny amount of seed scattered.

By June the first flowers appeared, then July was a riot of colour with red poppies shining through. There was still colour well into Autumn with even some yellow and white glowing in the winter months.  But then the winter frosts killed it all off.

Annual meadow mix progress:

The downside is that if you want colour again the next year you have to dig this all up and sow seeds again, which is why I trialled a Perennial meadow.