What to do/best plants-May

For a list of garden jobs to do in May read on – but also do look at TV Programmes or better still visit shows like the Chelsea Flower Show which will give you ideas for design, features and plants that you may not have previously considered.

Some plants which you will see:
1 The pom-pom heads of Alliums
2 Iris of many different colours
3 Wafting grasses eg.various Stipa
4 Statuesque white Zantedeschia
5 Birch trees especially the fabulous white stems of Betula var ‘jacquemontii’
6 Elegant and fragrant Wisteria
7 Geraniums eg. G.’Johnsons Blue’
8 Viburmums in various forms
9 Magnolias
10 Euphorbias for a zesty yellow.

See below the full article which also tells you of jobs you could do in the garden now. Or to read about jobs to do in other months or best plants for other months, click here.
Jobs to do in May